Our Mission: The Best Price in Fair and Open Markets


At Lek Securities we are engaged in only one business:  We provide the very best execution and clearing services for our customers.  Our policy prohibits proprietary trading and market making.  As our customer, you know for sure that we will never be on the opposite side of your trade.  This way, even the appearance of a conflict of interest is avoided.  We have but one goal: To get our customers the very best price by accessing the very best markets.  Few firms are as focused on the execution business as Lek Securities. 

Our customers trade completely anonymously.  Because of the large volume executed by our many clients on many different exchanges, MTFs, and ECNs, it is virtually impossible for competitors to decipher the identity of our clients.  

Lek Securities has a long history of advocating transparency in the markets.  Open and fair markets are not only good for investors, they are also good for business.  A fairer market allows our clients to be more profitable and in turn this leads to more business for our firm. We are not afraid to speak out in our customers' interest and we will not hesitate to take on entrenched interests if it leads to a fairer and more open marketplace.

Lek Securities UK Limited opened in London to better market and offer to the UK and Europe the same products and services that Lek Securities Corporation offers in the USA.  Lek Securities UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


ROX - Gateway to the Markets


The ROX desktop trading platform is a sophisticated OMS/EMS that empowers traders by providing lightning fast access to exchanges, ECNs, dark pools, and market makers world-wide. Its speed, simplicity, and record-keeping abilities contribute to a performance edge in the marketplace.  Customers with their own front-end systems can take advantage of the ROX low-latency order routing network by routing orders to ROX via the FIX protocol.


ROX Lek Securities
  • The ROX Order API, based on Microsoft’s powerful COM architecture, allows traders to use proprietary programs to send orders and receive reports.  It can handle thousands of messages per second.
  • ROX can turn a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a real time order blotter, profit and loss display, or quote watch, and allows traders to develop Excel-based trading strategies.
  • ROX is a front-end to domestic and foreign markets.
  • ROX uses a powerful client/server model to communicate with its users.
  • Connection to ROX is over LSC’s network, located in data centers globally, or via the internet. Either choice is fast and secure.
  • The ROX FIX interface can support your preferred version of the FIX protocol.

To learn more about ROX, please contact us!